Texas Hold’em Poker Tips
Monday, 4. January 2010

Texas Hold-Em poker is very popular in casinos and if you are a poker fan, then odds are good that at one time or another you will be asked to take part in a Hold-Em game. Hold-Em takes lots of skill and practice, because there are so many possible combinations of cards possible. However, a few simple tips can make your next game more profitable:

Poker Tip #1: Watch out for the nuts.
In hold-em poker, the “nuts” is the best possible hand. In order to win at this poker game, you need to be able to glance at the cards in the flop and determine what the best possible hand is based on the cards in the flop. Then, you need to determine who has the best possible hand, based on their betting patterns and any body language or facial expression. For example, if the flop consists of Queen of Diamonds, Four of Clubs, Two of Hearts Nine of Spades, and a Seven of Hearts, then the best possible hand is three Queens. Looking at your own cards, and looking around the table, you need to determine who could be holding that hand, if anyone. A game with more players and a game that includes lots of raises usually means a game where someone is holding the “nuts.”

Poker Tip #2: Determine if you have the best hand.
Part of the point of looking out for the nuts is to decide whether you have the best hand possible. If you have the best hand possible, then you want to encourage fellow players to stay in the game and keep betting so that you will enjoy a larger pot. However, many beginner players make the mistake of thinking that they have the best possible hand even when another better hand is possible. This can encourage them to bet high and then lose. It is important to evaluate your hand honestly and decide whether someone has a better hand than you or not. If you know you are holding the winning hand, do not let others know and try to get the pot as large as possible. If you are not sure, either bluff to encourage other players to fold or watch for signs that someone has a better hand than you.

Poker Tip #3: Play your position.
Because the person to the left of the dealer always begins in Hold-Em, position matters a great deal in this game. If you are betting from an early positions, such as one of the “blinds”, then you should be more selective of the card hands you play. If you are in another position, you can be less selective.

Poker Tip #4: Know Your Hands Before you start to play.
Knowing which hands are most valuable will help you determine whether you should fold or not. Be sure to memorize the various hands and their rankings before you start to play or you could find Hold-em rather expensive.

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