What Is A Multi Table Tournament?
Wednesday, 12. May 2010

The most common type of tournament format that a player will encounter is the multi table tournament (MTT). All participants in a multi table tournament begin the tournament with an equal, fixed number of chips. Players compete at multiple tables for each other’s chips while the blinds and antes increase at pre-set time intervals. Once players have lost all of their chips, they are eliminated. As players are eliminated, the tournament tables are rebalanced so as to maintain the tables of the tournament as full as possible up until the final table of the tournament. When the last remaining players are brought together at the final table, they play down to a final individual is then declared the winner of the tournament. The prizes are awarded to the top finishers of the tournament as determined by a pre-set tournament payout structure. In multiple table tournaments awarding cash prizes, the number of players finishing in the money is determined as a function of the size of the buy in and the number of participating players.

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