What Is A Turbo Tournament?
Thursday, 6. May 2010

The turbo tournament format is a relatively new variety of poker format that is very popular in online poker rooms. Turbo tournaments can be either Sit & Go tournaments or multi table tournaments; “turbo” refers simply to the blinds structure of the tournament. In a standard online tournament, blind levels will generally go up every 10 minutes or so. With turbo tournaments, the blind levels can go up as quickly as every 5 or 3 minutes.

The fact that the blinds levels go up so quickly means that players cannot afford to be too passive in their play. If a player hangs back too much, they will find their chip stack overcome by the quickly rising blinds. The blinds in turbo tournaments can go up to twice or three times that of a standard tournament, especially in the case of a turbo rebuy tournament. With the action moving so quickly, turbo tournaments finish in a far faster rate of time then standard tournaments and are thus perfect for those players looking to fit a quick game of poker into a busy schedule.

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