What Is A Bounty Tournament?
Wednesday, 5. May 2010

The bounty tournament format has become quite popular of late and rewards players, to differing degrees, for sending other players to the rails. In addition, players are either rewarded for eliminating other players or specific players as would generally be the case with a celebrity bounty tournament. While live bounty tournaments are somewhat rare, there is a flourishing availability of online bounty tournaments.

The majority of the bounty tournaments that people will encounter are those that reward players for eliminating other players. The payout structures of these bounty tournaments vary. There are some bounty tournaments where the entirety of a player’s buy in goes towards their bounty. Most bounty tournaments will only divert a percentage of a player’s buy in towards their bounty, the rest of the buy in would go towards a prize pool that would be paid out according to a standard tournament payout structure.

There are bounty tournaments in which a small number of players are assigned bounties. These players are almost never selected randomly and will generally be arranged beforehand. A popular variety of bounty tournaments are celebrity bounty tournaments in which celebrities are assigned bounties. With celebrity tournaments, a player’s buy in goes towards a prize pool that pays out according to a standard tournament pay out structure and the poker promoter or online poker room will generally add the celebrities’ bounties as a bonus. For players looking for some online celebrity bounty tournament action, they’ll find plenty of it at Hollywood Poker and DoylesRoom.

The bounty adds an entirely new dimension to a player’s strategy and has a great affect on the flow of tournament play. Players are just more naturally inclined to call all-in bets to cash in on their opponents bounty.

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