How To Play Caribbean Poker or Caribbean Stud
Tuesday, 27. April 2010

Caribbean Poker, also known as Caribbean Stud, is a popular game aboard cruise ships as well as at casinos in the South Pacific. Caribbean Poker is a cross between Blackjack and 5 Card Stud with players only playing their hands against the dealer and not the other players.

The Ante
The action in a game of Caribbean Poker begins with all of the players posting an ante.

The Call Bet
The dealer then deals themselves and each of the players five cards. At this point, the dealer will turn one of the cards up. Players may either post a bet known as the “call” bet or surrender. Players surrendering will lose their hand as well as their ante.

The Showdown
Players making the call bet now turn their cards over as does the dealer. In order for the game to go to the Showdown, the dealer must be holding a minimum hand of [A][K]. If the dealer doesn’t have at least the minimum hand then their hand does not qualify and players will win their ante bet; however, their call bet will be returned. If the dealer’s hand does qualify then the game goes to the showdown.

Players winning against the dealer’s hand win their ante bet as well as their call bet. Players winning with better than a pair are paid their call bet according to the following bonus payout structure:

Royal Flush – 100:1
Straight Flush – 50:1
Quads – 20:1
Full House – 7:1
Flush – 5:1
Straight – 4:1
Trips – 3:1
Two Pair – 2:1
Pair – 1:1

Players losing the showdown with the dealer lose both their ante and their call bet.

Many casinos will offer a progressive jackpot associated with Caribbean Poker. Players interested in participating in the progressive jackpot will generally have to place a dollar side bet with the ante. The progressive jackpot will offer partial payouts when players hit a Flush or better with a player hitting a Royal Flush receiving the entirety of the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot pays out regardless of whether the dealer’s hand qualifies.

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